lördag, september 30, 2006

FO: Beret

Yes, I've been so occupied the last week that I've neither knitted nor blogged. I finished this beret two weeks ago when I was home sick. I really like it because of it's authenticy, all the berets in the stores look so plastic compared to mine.
Pattern: My own.
Size: For bigheaded
Yarn: Garnstudio's Alpaca
Start date: September 16 2006
Finish date: September 19 2006

(Let me out of here!!!)

tisdag, september 19, 2006


Surprise, surprise. After my very hectic week I got sick during the weekend and I've been home for two days now. I've been sleeping and trying to knit a beret for 4 days now. I've been frogging the beret 3 times and now, when I'm almost done and think I have gotten the right shape (even though it doesn't show in the photo) I don't know if the one and only skeen I had for this project will be enough. Cross your fingers for me, ok?

fredag, september 15, 2006


This week has been crazy for me! But this teaching thing is amazing! People really try to make a good impression talking to me, they knew my name at once and they actually listen to everything I have to say! Boosting! And crazy! We expect a lot from our students in this course which has led to that I've been answering emails just before going to bed, sending them additional work.

Well, I forgot to accept a dinner invitation for tonight, and when I called my friend yesterday to confirm, she'd made other plans! Well, turns out she's having a "crafting-evening" with some other friends, and since I'm sort miss crafty in our crowd, of course I got invited too! So, I will work for another hour or two and then rush of to knit on Forecast!

söndag, september 10, 2006

FO: Skirt!

My first sewn project in... 15 years?

I've completed the pencil skirt, and let me tell you, the green and purple striped pattern will match my Forecast perfectly!

I love the high waist. I know that a lot of people think they look more fat in it. I prefer to show that I have a little belly over having the skirt/pant waist just over the hip - the place where I have my little "extra" and get a bulk. I'm starting to sound like Eunny now. This is not a fashion blog. Though when we're at it, have you noticed that the two largest groups of female bloggers are knitting/crafting blogs, and fashion blogs. Generally, I don't like fashion blogs, because I think they only talk about expensive designerbags and only try to follow the fashion that's out in the stores. But I've found a girl who really explores the world of fashion. She also happens to like high waists! Check out the pictures on her blog, even if you don't know Swedish!

And a last picture of my skirt. Did you know that I only payed about 250 SEK ($ 30) for the fabric and everything? And I started to sew it yesterday evening, so this sewing thing is really fast! And you also can save money on sewing your own clothes!

lördag, september 09, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Well, actually, there's been no birthday, but it sure feels like it! The very attentive of you have maybe noticed that even though I was in SP8, my mail box has been empty recently. Well, no problem, nemas problemas. I've known who my lovely Secret Pal has been, let me present: Sue! I'm amazed of how she's been able to put together such lovely packages for me. Remember the home made needle bag she gave me?

Yesterday when I got home, I'd not only one, but two packages waiting for me!!! Lookie, lookie:

So what have we got here? The first package I opened was from Amazon: The Knitter's Handbook! Thank you soooo much, I'll start to read it, one chapter every night! :D It will sure help me to advance from this intermediate knitter to an advanced knitter! In the other package there was a Lush-box: Creamy Candy Bar and Rockstar Star Soap! How did you know that I'm a rockstar?? I got needles, for socks, straight and round! It's perfect, because I'm currently working on several projects that need the same size in needles, but I've been short of a 3,25 mm round needle! Surely, all of your greedy eyes alreday have spotted the lovely chocolate! (I had one piece yesterday, but it doesn't show in the picture) And what is that red thing?

What is it?

It's a perfectly red crocheted Serpentine-cloth! But I prefer to call it a crocheted feather boa. I used it as a scarf yesterday when I went to my sister's 30th birthday party! And on the party it suddenly transformed to a feather boa! :D Amazing!! It's very beautiful and I got a lot of compliments for it!

Finally, thank you so much, Sue, for being my Secret Pal!
I'm so happy of all the gifts you've sent me.

You've really done a good job trying to make me satisfied, and I am !! I really appreciate that you've actually made me things and I don't know what else to say than thank you! I've already signed up for SP9, maybe we'll meet there?

Speaking of my sister's birthday party, I finished it and I think she likes it. My sister says that pink is not her color, but she's always picky. She seemed very happy, anyway. Unfortunately, the pictures I'd taken on it have mysteriously disappeared, so I'll try to get her to take a picture and send it to me.

måndag, september 04, 2006

Change of plans

I was supposed to have dinner at a friends' on thursday, that's why I thought I'd better finish the RR today. Now, the dinner is sort of post poned, which makes thursday free for the RR, and this evening became free for...this:
A pencil skirt from Burda. I even bought some fabric that will go perfect together with my Forecast. You'll see when it's done!

Tomorrow, it's time for my first lecture at the uni. Gaaahh! Keep your fingers crossed for me, ok?

söndag, september 03, 2006

Sunday update

I'm getting there, folks. With serious threading (multi-tasking when speaking of parallel computers -and a bit homourus when knitting) I've managed to finish the sleeves, knit 3 roses, sewn 2 buttons...

I think it looks quite good, don't you?

Well, ok, ok. I know. I still have to join the sleeves, get rid of the loose ends, sew ALL buttons and actually attach the knitted roses. The most important thing is that I will finish this before friday! Yiha!