söndag, november 26, 2006

Eunny - the princess of knitting!

Well, I don't think anyone will be surprised that some people see Eunny as the uncrowned princess if knitting. I sent her an email about the pattern problem I had, but since I expected that I'd be waiting for her answer, I reached out to you knitters for help. Tsss! Eunny's reply came as a mail in the letter box (as a Swedish saying is). So, eunny's not only talented in knitting, she's very helpful too!! As a princess should be!


Do you remember this? Eunny's Print O' the Wave stole. I'm going to get my diploma during a fancy ceremony in the City hall (the same place where the Nobel dinner is taking place) in the middle of December. My dress is soft lilac and I thought it would be perfect if I could finish the PO'W stole and wear it!

I've just started on the edging, and realised that I can't understand how I'm supposed to get the decreases right. If anyone has ad the same problem, let me know the answer to it!! Anyone who's interested in having a look at the pattern of the edge can find it here. Please, knitters out there, I need your help for this one!

söndag, november 19, 2006

Loose that flat screen, support your local cinema!

Stockholm International Film Festival started this wedenesday, so I saw one movie ("Candy") friday afternoon, and two yesterday ("Sherrybaby" and "Oh là là!"). I love to visit the old cinemas in Stockholm, and I'm so disappointed that Stockholm's oldest cinema, Röda Kvarn, has closed down and will open up as a small shopping mall. What a disgrace!

Today I've been on a two hour walk in the sun, but now, I've found the time and peace to sit down and knit again. As you see, I haven't gotten far on tha Kata shrug, but it's almost 200 sts every row, and the pattern changed a lot in the beginning. I'm knitting the shrug in a single strand instead of two, as the shrug in the picture is knitted with.

The yarn is lovely to knit with, soft mohair that came in small boundles that are super cute! For once I'm satisfied with the pictures, the colour's as accurate as you can get; a gray-greenish smooth colour that matches the feeling of the yarn. I have to say that I'm always so greatful when I get packages that have been packed with care and love (sorry that Iwasn't patient enough to get a picture of it). Yahaira at PureKnits had packed my stuff beautifully! Thank you, Yahaira! Now, one more look at the beautiful yarn:

onsdag, november 15, 2006

I've found it!

It's been gone for a long time. I've searched everywhere but with no luck. Today I got it back. My lust for knitting arrived in a small package from PureKnits. I've ordered the kata pattern and Habu's gorgeous silk mohair kusa in a greenish color and the yarn was everything I wanted and more.
Look, I don't have time to chat around, I want to knit now. Just thought that you might want to know that I'm still around. And knitting again... at least for the moment! :D