lördag, december 30, 2006

FO: Birch!

I finished Birch yesterday and wore her in the evening when M and I went to the cinema to see The Holiday. It was very warm and cosy. Unfortunately it's a gift so I wont be able to keep it.

I'll post a full picture as soon as she has been blocked and the sun comes out. I've been crazy with Kidsilk haze lately. Part from this knit, I've also started a sweater in Kidsilk haze, a purple color and the Kata shrug is in progress, though that lace pattern is taking much more time than the Birch did!

My sister gave me two balls of kashmere-like yarn in Christmas present, and I'm thinking of making myself a shawl of it. I only have these two balls, they don't have any information of name, yardage etc but it's much thicker than Rowan's kidsilk haze. Do you have any suggestions of lacey shawl patterns?

I also want you to notice the lovely bluish background color. We're using our third room for our creative hobbies; the room is packed with different paint, mosaik, instruments and other music stuff but it has been incredible dull. Not at all a creative atmosphere! White, hardly pattered wallpapers, ugly floor and left over furniture. During the holidays I've painted the walls and suddenly the whole room looks much better. I'm making some other small changes and as soon as I'm finished and have cleaned up here I'll show you some before- and after pictures. The color on the walls isn't as gray as it looks in the picture, but the yarn color is accurate.


fredag, december 29, 2006

Christmas knitting

A friend of mine wanted me to knit a shawl for her. She picked the yarn - Kidsilk Haze in hurricane. And I picked the pattern Birch for the holidays. This has been a very quick and easy knit (not that it's finished yet, but soon my friends, very soon!)

I also have been trying to renew the look of my blog - a big mistake! I wanted to have a dark green blog with pink details. I like that color combination, it's so soft! Anyway, it doesn't seem to have worked out, so I've changed it back to one of the templates that are available until I get some new html-energy!

söndag, december 17, 2006

Just a sneak -peakof Santa's gifts

This year's Christmas present will be a beret! Interweave Knit's easy piecy beret so I've already given my blog reading friend a green one knitted in Rowan's Kid Classic. Below is a picture ofone that will be a present to a friend who doesn't read my blog (as far as I know).

I'm also working on my Kata shrug... It's not going that fast. The pattern is very simple... well maybe not the lace-part, which is taking time. But the main body piece is supposed to be a simple square, more than 40 cm long, and my piece reaches 23 proud cm! And then I'm going to add sleaves to this... I thought this would be a fast knit...

An other picture of the very fast beret:

Have a nice last week before Christmas! Make sure not to but too much presents and food!

måndag, december 11, 2006

When inspiration comes, it comes en masse!

Today I had lunch with Linn. It was really nice just to sit and chat about knitting with her, but we forgot about time and had to rush back to our works...

I found this book through Little Purl of the Orient who has made a beautiful little cardigan from it! All the patterns are absolutely lovely, and I will buy the book as soon as I get money! The patterns look amazing, like frosty leaves with a ray of sunshine on. Or maybe something else. The only thing I can't understand is how someone who makes such lovely patterns also can make such ugly yarns!!!
All together, I have to say that I'm looking forward to the holidays, I'll be free for more then 10 days and I have several knitting projects to deal with! Back to my secret Christmas-knitting now!

tisdag, december 05, 2006

More pictures

This is how it looks, my little Princess. I've folded her, because she will join me at work tomorrow for show and tell. There's only one woman at my office besides me, and she's begun to knit (again) because of me and my knitting.

Sometimes I bring my knitting to work, and noone could understand what the bulb would turn out to be. Someone suggested a hat, another a hair net!

Well, a very nice hair net :) I'm satisfied with the corners, even though I could have had more repeats of the edging pattern on the sides to make the waves more visible.

I've also understood that I made the middle where the pattern meets up completely wrong! Well, well. I know that everyone says that even the smallest mistake will bother them for ever. I don't feel like that. I just figure that I will learn and do better next time. Imagine how boring to knit something perfect! sort of reaching the end of the world...

Fortunately, I haven't reached the end of the world yet. So this is what will keep me company in the nearest future. Continuing knitting on Kata:

I think she will end up great too!

måndag, december 04, 2006

FO: Print O' the Wave Stole

Tadaa! It's finished! I'm tired so you'll have to live with this one bad photo. Hopefully my pride of this one will stay until saturday when I'll get the chance to take a picture in day light!

Pattern: Eunny Jang's Print O' The Wave Stole
Modifications: Fewer repeats compared to the pattern since I used a thicker yarn and was afraid that it wouldn't be enough of it
Yarn: Habu's A-4 2/10 "kusaki zome" naturally dyed silk
Start date: June 1 2006
Finish date: December 3 2006

lördag, december 02, 2006


I got up before M this morning and started to bake bread! Then I went to the store and got juice, eggs, cheese, and of course bananas. (I eat maybe 2-3 bananas a day!) A lovely breakfast is a great start of the day. A day that I've decided that I will mostly spend on the Print of the wave stole!

I had to frog yesterday night because I realised that the edging would be too"loose" for the main stole. Also, I was afraid that the yarn wouldn't be enough, and since it's Habu-yarn it would take me ages to get another skein of it. Anyway, this is how it looks now, on my second attempt with the edging. I haven't gotten that far, but I enjoy knitting it so much, that I've been thinking on knitting another one. Lace is definitely my thing. I love it!