måndag, juni 19, 2006

I'm very satisfied!

And this is the reason why:
I haven't bought it, no! But I've convinced M that if we're going to California this summer (which we are) I won't settle for anything less than a convertible to cruise around in! I just hope that the one we'll get is red too!
Too much work needs to be done before the trip, so I haven't knitted that much. Just keep up your own good work, and I'll be back with some progress eventually!

onsdag, juni 14, 2006

What was my mantra now again?

Ok, maybe I should know this, but when a measurment is given for the width of a slightly fitted sweater, is it the widest part at the bottom, the waist or the chest that is given??

I'm knitting on Rambling Rose, ofcourse, and it seems very BIG all of a sudden! I don't want to knit something that's not going to be flattering and just look like a pink garbage bag on me with roses on! Help me!

So what was the mantra? Yes, that's right: the journey is the goal itself. The journey is the goal itself. The journey....

söndag, juni 11, 2006

Progress report and a forgotten gift!

It seems like I had missed one of the presents in the package from my Sp: markers that were hidden in one of the pockets! Soon I will start telling you how great she is, because I think you will try to steel her away from me! The lovely markers have already replaced the ugly, boring red and blue rings that helped me keep track on the repeats of my "summer of lace"-project:

Here is a better picture of the knitting (?), I hope it will look good all stretched out and blocked when it's finished!
So should I say thank you again? I actually feel that thank you isn't enough, I hope you understand, Sp that I'm soo greatful that you've sent me those gifts, they are so perfectly put together to suit me! So, thank you! :)

What else? Well, even though I didn't mention it yesterday, I was at mariatorget yesterday for the WWKIPD. There are some pictures of it here (I'm to the left in the right photo), here and here.

Mostly I've been knitting on the Rambling Rose. I think I'm a very slow knitter... will it never be finished?? Well, I've got some 10 cm left to the armhole shaping, if i ever get there!

Here's a close up of the pattern. I think it's really difficult to get the pattern to look good, but since I'm no perfectionist, I'm just hoping for it to get better along the way! :)

lördag, juni 10, 2006

A present... for me?

This is a post with lots of pictures, mmm!

My lovely Secret Pal first sent me a greeting this tuesday. It was the Swedish national holiday, and she sent me an ecard with the swedish flag on it! Thank you, sweetest, secret pal! I was so touched that you thought of me. And it doesn't stop there! On thursday I got a package from her as well!

A card with my name on it, what can it be?

Let me tell you; I love, love, love Cadbury chocolat and
one of my favourite colours is red so you got it all right, Sp!

The red is a bag for my knitting needles, better shown here:

Inside it looks like this:

And look! It has my name embroidered on it! Wow!!
It's so great Iwould like to sleep with it under my pillow
if M wouldn't think I was insane if I did it.

So what can I say? My exams are over, the sun is shinig and I got this amazing gift from my Sp.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

tisdag, juni 06, 2006

Are you ready to ramble?

It is more than a week ago that I started to knit on Rambling Rose. I got a shiny bright idea of knitting it in the round even though I'm using pure cotton and then make a steek in the middle. Very smart. So I knitted the 15 cm long rib on 2,5 mm needles without complaining. When the ribbing was done I read more of the pattern and saw that I was supposed to put 9 sts from each front piece on holders. That is, on both sides of the planned steek I should put 9 sts on a holder. Should I repeat it again? Or just take a silent moment so we all have a chance to figure out how to make proper steeks while the adjoining 9 sts should be put on holder?

I was puzzled. Then I figured that the journey is a goal in itself, so I put 9 sts on a holder on each side of the steek and then I made the steeks a bit longer, so that they "covered" the space. Voilà: a close-up of one of the holders and the pattern on the left side.

söndag, juni 04, 2006

Summer of lace... or summer of tango?

There hasn't been much tango this spring, not since I came back from NY. But yesterday, the first outside-milonga took place. Stora Skuggan lies just a walk from us and there is a lovely wooden floor there with a roof built on it, just next to the fake lake. (the picture is from some lindy hop-dancing, not tango).
When we first got there (M and I), there were some kind of lesson, so we just jumped right in. We later understood that some foreign students had passed by and they had been offered a quick introduction. As most beginners, the students didn't have much flow in their dance. So afterwards, people we haven't talked to before came up to us, assuming we were among the foreign students and praised us for our fluency and that we looked like we had tango in our bodies! it was quite fun, but then we had to come clean and tell them that we weren't beginners on that level, so we actually should look sort of good.

Anyway, this summer, there will be outside tango with introduction all over Stockholm. So all of you knitting bloggers, put on that knitted boleo and some high heels and get your but to any of these places, ok? Thursdays throughout July, there will be tango at Skansen. I mean, how romantic isn't that? And wednesdays, you are all welcome to Wednesday dancing at Eriksdalsbadet. There will also be tango some more saturdays at Stora Skuggan, unfortunately without any introduction. I've heard that Statsmuseet (at Slussen) also will be used as a dance floor this summer. I don't know when, but you can go to Tango Norte if you want to know more.

torsdag, juni 01, 2006

The team of "Amazing Lace"

So this is a love story that started out the way any love story starts: wanting gazes which lead a soft feeling against your skin, and a warm feeling in your heart.

Sure, the girl had had many affairs before with different yarns, but this yarn was special. She had seen it in a far away land, in a small store were women looked Japanese, were the walls were covered with bamboo, the atmosphere was calm, no noise at all. Outside, on the hectic street, (the street was very wide, was it called "Widestreet"? She didn't remember) people had been shouting at the girl, but there, in the store she had felt safe. And she had seen the yarn, pinkish, silkish and imediately, she had fallen in love. This yarn was special.

The girl and the yarn knew they had to be together. They wanted to be close, so close that nothing could be between them!

And maybe one day, the girl and the yarn could give life to something else...